URAC Pharmacy Data Validation


As a requirement to maintain URAC accreditation, pharmacy organizations are required to submit quality measures in their second year of accreditation; and annually thereafter. In 2016, the reporting process was subject to required data validation. Pharmacy Organizations include PBMs, Mail Service Pharmacies, Specialty Pharmacies, Community Pharmacies and DTM Programs. The data validation will ensure comparability across organizations and improve the reliability of the data. Improved data reliability will enable public reporting of organization quality metrics.

Meeting Your URAC Pharmacy Data Validation Needs:

Attest is the vendor who worked with URAC to develop the Data Validation program, and is the only organization to have conducted the review since its inception in 2016. In 2018, Attest conducted the review for 77 Accredited Pharmacy Submissions including PBMs, Mail Service, Specialty, and DTM pharmacy types.

The validation will include a source systems review, source code review and validation sampling. A one day site visit will be required in the first year of the validation cycle. Attest will evaluate the data accuracy of the quality measures being reported. If inaccuracies are found, the organization will have the opportunity to rectify the situation and resubmit for final reporting. This will be a concurrent validation that starts when the reporting window is open.

Attest employs a collaborative process and we are committed to maintaining ongoing communication with you to ensure the most accurate results. With open communication, we are able to minimize any challenges or surprises and keep a transparent audit process. Our goal is to make your audit as smooth as possible and include you in the process every step of the way.

Attest is a URAC-Approved Independent third-party measure data validator. Our number one priority is our clients. Let Attest help you demonstrate your commitment to measuring and improving the value and quality you deliver!