Audit Approach

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Attest’s approach to projects is collaborative and educational in nature. We are not here to find a ‘gotcha’. Our goal in performing a project is to work collaboratively and constructively with our clients to maximize the number of measures that can be validly reported to the public, NCQA, CMS, or any other stakeholders. Attest is dedicated to a methodology that permits ongoing investigation and resolution of problems as they are identified. To accomplish this objective, we work with our clients to develop a process comprised of distinct tasks within a detailed time frame tailored to their needs.

Our goals on EVERY project are:

No Surprises
We help you know what to expect in the project process.

Our experienced team of professionals can address your organization’s specific needs during this dynamic process.

Collaborative Atmosphere
We identify potential problems early. We work closely with you so that not only do we identify your problems but we offer realistic ideas for corrective actions.

All projects include a unique set of challenges. We have found that communication of concerns in a timely manner is critical to resolution. We employ an issue log as a concurrent record of all project concerns to facilitate such communication. Additionally, we perform each project as “an open book test” by sharing our tools, timelines and requirements in advance. Our tools ensure that at all times the client and project team are aware of all outstanding issues, actions required to complete the project and the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

We also provide our clients a roles and responsibilities matrix which identifies each of the key project tasks and who on the project team will have primary responsibility for that task. The matrix is discussed during a planning call prior to beginning any project.

Let Attest help you demonstrate your commitment to measuring and improving the value and quality you deliver!