File Transfer


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Click on the link above to be redirected to the Attest Sharefile site. Audit teams will work with all clients to confirm your list of users on your Audit Kick Off Call. Clients are required to confirm the list of users annually. If your audit kick off call has been conducted but you do not currently have an account, please contact your audit team.

Use of this portal requires only an Internet connection and an internet browser. It has been designed to facilitate the secure transfer of confidential files between your organization and Attest. The site is intuitive, but we are always available to help should any question arise. Please contact Bill Pacura at for assistance.

All Attest workers (contractor or employee) and third party users of Attest’s information systems are requested to help Attest develop and maintain sufficient information system security processes and protections. As such, the breach form can also be used to report suspected information system security weaknesses. These weaknesses will be investigated by management. If further actions are necessary, Attest will mitigate the weakness. Management is committed to maintaining high standards for information security.

To report a possible Security Breach of Attest's information system or if you would like to report a possible security weakness, please click on the link below.

Click here to report a Security Breach or Security Weakness