Attest Health Care Advisors, LLC is a San Antonio based virtual organization committed to being the provider of choice for health plans seeking non-financial auditing, compliance or consulting services. We currently serve over 175 health care organizations nationally and are experiencing steady growth because of our commitment to superior client service.

We operate in a unique environment where motivated, independent, and inquisitive people thrive. As companies and consumers focus on the quality of health care data and operations, our need for talented people that will help us exceed client expectations increases. Our execution focused culture requires fortitude and flexibility, often times long hours are the rule rather than the exception.

We seek talented, high-energy professionals who have the stamina, drive, and passion to work for a small growing company. While applicant criteria vary by position, ideal candidates will have prior experience at a health plan or other health care organization and possess a health care professional designation.

Hiring Process
At Attest, we take the hiring process very seriously, thus there are a few steps to our process. Below is an outline of what to expect when you apply for a job:

Apply online
Job openings can be found here. Be sure to follow all application instructions included within the posting; this typically includes submitting your resume and completing an online screening survey.

Resume review
Our Human Resources team will review your information. If your qualifications match the job requirements, we will contact you for an initial interview.

Phone interviews
If applicable, a phone interview is conducted by the our Human Resources team. This allows us to get more information from you to determine if will move forward in the process. Since we are a virtual company, the next step is typically another phone interview by one to two members of our management team. Phone interviews typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

In-person interview
If you are a viable candidate for the job, we will schedule an in-person interview, which will require you to travel to/from the selected meeting location. We will coordinate your travel and provide you with an agenda in advance of the meeting date. You will meet with members of our management and principal team. The in-person interview process will be several hours long in addition to any travel time.

Selection and Background Check
We make our selection decisions shortly after the in-person interview and after reference checks are completed. We will contact you in writing with our decision. If you are offered a position, we perform background checks on all employees and require a positive result.